ZekiBey Group of Companies was established in 1997. The ZekiBey Group of Companies, which has many companies and sectors on its territory, has been leaned to serve better in the sector and turned to the white goods and electronics sector.

Our innovative company, which continues to develop, continues to work on R & D with more than 30 patented products. Our company, which has achieved a successful line, has always observed the public interest and served the public. Through import and export, play an important role in the development of domestic economy

Nowadays, ZekiBey is making distibution of successful companies in the international arena. At the same time, under its own brands, it also serves in import and spot export areas.

Having a young dynamic team, ZekiBey Company is giving direction to the future white goods and electronic market together with its business partners. ZekiBey increases its market share by valuing the products of its representative companies at least as much as its own products.

  • 03.03.2018 | ZekiBey has been distributor of Japanese Sony brand.

    05.02.2012 | ZekiBey has been local distributor of Siemens.

    05.09.2018 | ZekiBey has re-build offical website.